Advantages of Equity Shares

Advantages of Equity Shares-Advantages of Equity Shares Advantages

Depending on the situation and type of assets, the term “equity” can mean a variety of things. You have equity in an asset when you have paid off all debts on it. Purchasing stock in a firm is an investment. This section discusses how to invest in it, its advantages of equity shares.

You become a company owner when you purchase common stocks. Profitable companies pay out dividends and capital gains. You lose money when the company loses money. Shareholders can vote to influence company decisions.

Advantages of Equity Shares

Other considerations, aside from risk, restrict customers from purchasing stocks. Before making any financial moves, keep an eye on the market. Let us now deep dive into the advantages of equity shares topic.


Stocks, unlike bank CDs, allow you to make a lot of money rapidly. Following the Covid-19 fall, the stock market is reaching all-time highs. The stock market can provide you with big profits if you use the right stock picks and trading strategy.


When you purchase shares, you become a shareholder. You own and run the business. If you invested, you would receive a portion of the company’s profits. You’d also be able to vote.


Investing in stocks can result in capital growth as well as dividends. Dividends are additional profits distributed to shareholders. Dividends provide additional funds to investors.

Limited Liability

A company may go insolvent or suffer operating losses. Besides, as a shareholder or investor, your liability is limited to your investment.

Regulatory Safety

SEBI is in charge of India’s stock exchange. Therefore, the regulatory structure of SEBI protects the interests of investors. SEBI has aided in the reduction of corporate and individual fraud.

Lower Inflation while Increasing Earnings

Inflation makes it difficult to accumulate wealth. Your investment return should be higher than the rate of inflation. Wealth would fall in the opposite direction.

Stocks can provide a high return rate that exceeds inflation. Stocks aid in the development of long-term wealth. Moreover, stock indexes have always outperformed debt and other assets over the long term.


Stocks are consider as liquid investments. Change ownership of shares quickly. There are also several daily trades on the NSE and BSE. This means that there are always buyers and sellers.

Rights-bearing and Bonus Shares

A firm in need of funds may issue “rights shares.” Although, existing shareholders retain control of the company and invest ahead of new investors in the event of a right issue. Right shares are underappreciated. Existing investors have the option to use or forfeit this benefit.

Companies will occasionally award bonus shares. Bonus shares are free shares that are distributed to stockholders. Companies give out bonus shares rather than dividends.


A small sum can be use to invest in stocks. Instead, stocks from small and medium-sized businesses should be purchased in smaller volumes. You can buy, sell, or hold stocks at any time.

Tax Advantages

Stock investing is tax-efficient. Up to Rs. 1 lakh in LTCG from stock investments is tax-free. LTCGs worth more than one lakh rupees are taxable at 10%. Stocks have a 15% short-term capital gain (STCG). Debt and gold returns are taxable at a higher rate than equity returns.


Investing necessitates diversification. Put all of your eggs in one basket. In addition, diversification decreases the risk of putting all of your money into one vehicle.

Diversification is beneficial to stock investors. Bonds and real estate are unaffectable by stock market fluctuations. Adding equities to a portfolio raises the risk but can result in enormous profits. This allows you to avoid too safe investments.

Loan Assurance

A sometimes overlooked advantage of investing in stock funds. So, you can obtain a bank loan as a shareholder by pledging shares or equity mutual funds. After the duty is met, the promise can be broken. Moreover, banks will lend up to 50% of the value of the eligible shares or 50% of the value of the equity mutual fund.

Streamline Transactions and Processes

Stock trading is straightforward. The internet, brokers, and financial gurus can all help you buy stocks. Simple account creation. Online stock trading facilitates buying and selling.


Also read disadvantages of equity shares for additional knowledge on the topic. Buying and holding firm shares is an example of equity investment. Some of the advantages of equity shares are low risk, excellent liquidity, capital gains, and complete control. Investing in equities needs research, diversification, and sound judgement.

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