Organisation of Finance Function

Organisation of Finance Function-FAQs-What is Finance Function Organisation

You are capable of putting together events for groups and functions. Because financial matters are so crucial to the success of any company, it is necessary to have a structure that is both reliable and effective. The organization’s type and scope influence its structure. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing all types of organizations. Organizations form corporations in fundamental ways by considering factors such as the amount and type of money, the presence of a directors’ reserve, the existence of dividends, bank-selection rights, and the laws governing the distribution and sale of stock. Transactions such as the sale of firm property, reorganization, liquidation, consolidation, and mergers, etc. This article discusses in detail about organisation of finance function.

The board of directors of a limited company comprises a managing director (CEO), various functional executive directors, and one or more trained accountants, with one potentially serving as the financial director. Moreover, the board must ensure that middle and junior managers handle the everyday operations of the company. So, it is possible for these managers, who report to the board of directors, to transfer the management of the company’s finances to a qualified accountant.

Organisation of Finance Function

At the present time, banking is considered to be both a science and an art. Because the financial function has an effect on the entire management process, the structure of the functions that come after it is an issue that arises in the context of the organization. The top management is accountable for the company’s finances. Each company tailors the structure of their finance department to meet the specific requirements of their industry. In many businesses, the Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager, and General Manager all serve as senior executives in charge of the company’s finances. Leaders can receive various titles. Given below are a few points on organisation of finance function that you should know before you think of money, investing, business and managing it.

Director of Purchase

A purchasing director or supply manager is responsible for procuring goods and services for the organization, either for internal use or for resale. They want the highest quality items at the most affordable prices available.

Owners of Shares

Shareholders are the legal owners of shares in the share capital of a public or private company. Shareholders can be either individuals or corporations. Corporations can use “members” as a synonym for shareholders.

Director of Personnel

The director of personnel (DOP) is in charge of human resources. Coverage extends to all aspects of employment law compliance as well as hiring, training, advancement, salary, and benefits.

Manager of

When it comes to an organization’s high-level, executive, and financial accounting functions, the controller is the person in command.

Money Keeper

Managers are the ones who decide how much money a firm spends. The cash flow, funding, risks, and financial affairs of the company are all under the purview of the company’s treasurer.

Director of Finance

The company’s expansion and financial health are both under the purview of the Director of Finance. They are in charge of supervising the accounting department, ensuring that the financial reports are correct, and working to enhance the processes in place in order to boost overall productivity.

Director of Production

The production manager is responsible for establishing and enforcing productivity standards for the firm. You will collaborate with other members of your workforce to swiftly set up and execute activities, such as meeting deadlines and completing orders.

The Board of Directors

Boards of directors are the bodies that are responsible for directing corporations. In publicly traded corporations, shareholders vote for the Board of Directors, which establishes company policy and supervises management. On a consistent basis, the group gets together. Every publicly traded company must form a board of directors.

Director of Business

According to the Companies Act, 2013 (the “Act”), the definition of a managing director is a director who has significant authority to control the firm as a result of an agreement with the company, the articles of association for the company, a general meeting resolution, or a board resolution. This definition was established by the government.

In Charge of Marketing

All aspects of the campaign are under the supervision of the marketing director. So, they make plans, conduct reviews, and lead their team to guarantee that everything involving customers and coworkers goes off without a hitch.


How are the Different Parts of Business Organized?

The seven most common roles are as follows: making decisions and keeping track of them, budgeting finances, assigning resources, regulating cash flow, cutting extraneous expenses, purchasing more businesses and merging with them, and planning capital expenditures.

How should an Organization’s Business Department be Set Up?

EDF and GMF are the ones who provide assistance to the director of finance. Budgets, expenditures, records of accounts, cash management, and other financial services are all under the purview of the EDF. Also, the Global Monetary Fund is in charge of internal controls and taxation.

How are Groups that Deal with Money Set Up?

Most businesses typically organize accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and purchasing into separate departments. There are an additional two levels of hierarchy inside the finance department of a corporation of medium size.


Because of the importance of financial decisions to businesses, the functions of finance need to be separated and organized. As a consequence of this, we require a money management group that is both able and reliable. We sincerely hope that you learned something new and found this tutorial on organisation of finance function to be useful. To learn more about the scope of finance function, read this article.

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